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New Survey

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We have previously consulted the Kirkstall community on various topics. The purpose of this survey is to update our existing data as we recognise that there will be new people in our community who have decided to make Kirkstall their … Continued

20 Minute Neighbourhood Survey

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Leeds City Council are requesting your thoughts on what facilities you should have in a 20 minute neighbourhood, what facilities and services are important to you and what you expect to be able to access within a 10 minute walk/cycle … Continued

Engagement Report

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The Kirkstall Neighbourhood Forum Board have agreed an Engagement report on the current progress of the plan. Download PDF Version Comments on the Engagement Report are welcome, click here to comment. Part 1 – Introduction 1.1       Neighbourhood planning was introduced … Continued

Annual Report and Accounts 2020

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Due to the current ongoing pandemic and following advice it has been decided that the board report remotely to you the actions undertaken by the board last year. The documents can be accessed here: KNF Annual Report 2020 KNF Accounts … Continued

Analysing Data

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We have received 100’s of response to the SWOT consultation and are busy analysing them. There will be most focused consultations at a later stage, in the meantime if you still want to comment or join us please see the … Continued

KNF & Covid-19

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Our last Public Meeting was our AGM on Wednesday 29 January 2020 in Leeds Postal Sports Association Club, Beecroft Street. Unfortunately the Covid-19 lockdown has made it temporarily impossible to arrange further public meetings in accordance with our constitution. Like … Continued

SWOT survey

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The KNF are inviting all Kirkstall residents to complete a survey which asks (1) what they like about Kirkstall; (2) what they don’t like about Kirkstall; (3) what they want to see in the future; and (4) what they want … Continued